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SPARKS Blog: Learning never stops

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Schneider Electric explains why training throughout your career can allow you to increase your skillset and opportunities with customers.

Some electrical training is mandatory if you want to be a graded qualified electrician, such as an NVQ Level 3 Diploma. At a more basic level, anyone working on or near electrical systems and equipment must be trained to work safely, as stated in the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

sparks blog schneider electric learning never stops

Training for electricians doesn’t just include compulsory knowledge and qualifications, however. Once you are a competent electrician, there is a whole host of other training and learning that should be considered – especially if you want to stand ahead of the competition.

Technical qualifications are one thing, but what about really delving into areas like surge protection, particularly following the change in focus with the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regs? Would you feel comfortable explaining to a customer why surge protection must be installed on their project? There are training courses and modules available to help you.

Training is also available on more general subjects such as the huge opportunity that exists for electricians in the home improvement and renovation market. With unstable house prices leading to an ‘improve, don’t move’ trend, this is an area where electricians can really impress customers and make more money – but would you know where to start? Why not take some training on how to upsell and really harness opportunities in renovation?

sparks blog schneider electric learning never stops

In the future, you may find that you want to branch out and specialise in a new area, such as smart technology or solar power. You’ll find courses to help you understand specific products, including how they’re installed and what benefits they bring to the customer. You’ll be able to take further qualifications to add to your skillset if, for example, you want to start installing fire alarms.

There are so many ways to learn too – face to face, online via your computer, and even on your phone (check out these Kahoot quizzes).

For free e-learning modules, register for mySchneider Electrician portal, a handy online hub for electricians at all stages of their career:

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