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SPARKS Blog: A guide to floodlights

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When it comes to floodlights, according to Luceco, less is more. As nights draw in, Luceco has provided a guide on installing and assembling floodlights and security lighting.

As autumn changes to winter, demand for outdoor lighting can increase as householders and businesses look to keep their premises safe and secure. But when it comes to illumination, selecting the right type of lighting can make a real difference in terms of long-term cost savings and practicality.

Keeping costs down

Firstly, it’s important to dispel the myth that installing LEDs is more expensive. With LEDs, you are looking at lifetime energy efficiency savings of up to 90% when compared to halogen and the fact that an LED light will last about 10 times longer than a halogen lamp, means maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

LED floodlights such as Luceco’s Guardian Pro are weatherproof, last for 30,000 hours and also come with a two-year warranty.

Specifying the right lights

LEDs provide instant light as soon as they switch on. The beam range is approximately three times the installation height, so if you install a light at 3m height the beam will reach about 10m, enough for a small yard or garden.

An 8W LED light will deliver the same light output as a 100W halogen bulb, a 15W LED is the equivalent of a 200w halogen alternative, and 22W the same as a 300W halogen unit and 38W the same as a 500W halogen floodlight.

The reality is that for domestic installations you are unlikely to need more than an 8W or 15W LED floodlight. An 8W light is recommended for installation heights up to 9M, perfect for most homes. They also come in black or white finishes to help them blend in with other external features.

For larger domestic or commercial buildings, 15W is ideal for installation heights up to 12m.

Higher intensity lights such as the 22W is recommended for a 15m installation height and 38W for up to 18m. These are typically used for large yards or sports grounds, so are a good choice for community halls that want to run evening training sessions, for farms that need to manage and access outbuildings during the dark winter nights, for commercial premises running 24/7 operations, or for car parks.

LUCECO’s stadium floodlight range is suitable for large or open areas such as marshalling yards and sports grounds. Made from tough extruded and die-cast aluminium housing with polycarbonate lenses, the floodlights are available in 500 and 1000W, 60,000 and 120,000 Lumens with an efficacy of 120Llm/W, ideal for high mast columns.

Security features

Floodlights can be fitted with or without passive infra-red (PIR) sensors that detect both movement and heat. Unlike microwave detectors, PIR won’t respond to every leaf blowing across the yard, but it will be triggered by people or animals.

Luceco’s Guardian Slimline Floodlights with PIR offer up to 10m detection range.

Right place, right time

When looking at where to install lights, it is not only the height that can determine future performance, it is also important to make sure the beam doesn’t stray into neighbouring properties and cause a nuisance, by shining directly into their windows for example, so guiding homeowners on the optimum location for their floodlights will ensure many years of hassle-free use.

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