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WATCH: SPARKS UK Electrical Apprentice of the Year highlights

Take a look at the highlights from each of the regional heats so far. Judges, competitors and manufacturers have been taking part in a number of different challenges throughout the competition.

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Swarfega surveyed a group of outdoor workers about sun protection

And the results aren’t pretty. One in four outdoor workers surveyed went without sun protection in last year’s record-breaking summer heat.

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Ten weird and wacky rules tradespeople have been forced to follow

Dickies’ new study reveals the ten most ludicrous Health & Safety rules that tradespeople have been forced to follow when working on site.

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Good news for Nigels as they come out on top of trustworthiness study

It’s a good time to be a Nigel, as they came out on top in a list of names UK homeowners trust most to work on their homes!

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Meet the Young Manufacturer of the Year

When the time came to pick a career path, Tom Hunt wasn’t entirely sure which way to go. He’d always liked electronics and taking things apart to see how they worked, but wasn’t sure how to turn this passion into a full-time occupation.

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