hall of shame

Hall of Shame – 30th May

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While many electricians and electrical engineers are fully qualified and do a great job, there are still some people out there who do shocking work (sometimes literally!) and the results can be disastrous.

Here’s some examples of what not to do! We teamed up with Crap Electrical UK to showcase some of the biggest electrical tragedies around.

Philip Nicholls found this work of art.

hall of shame

Once is daft. But three times?! Whoever was responsible for this effort, found by Simon Hollinshead, must be good at Battleships.

hall of shame

If they’ve done this, what else is lurking in the building? Found by Philip Nicholls.

hall of shame

CJH Electrical and SC Alarms & Electrical discovered this shocker. They said: “Fault finding after a well-known telecoms company drilled a cable and found this little beauty. As well as multiple other issues. Love pub electrics.”

hall of shame

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23rd May

Crap Electrical UK is a Facebook group with around 2,000 members. It is run by Charles Billington, Lee Quince, Simon Allen, Lewis Boddington, Dave Spencer, Jake Simmons and Samuel Miles.

If you’ve come across a nightmare installation, send your pictures to us and they could be featured on the next article – or in the magazine.

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