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Where do electricians rank among ‘friendliest’ tradespeople?

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We recently brought you survey results ranking trades on how ‘unprofessional’ they are – but what about friendliness?

My Job Quote surveyed 1,482 Brits to discover who they believe to be the friendliest tradespeople.

They found that the majority of Brits rate electricians (75%) as the friendliest tradespeople, while tilers were the least popular with just 23%.

How did the rest of the trades rank?

The ‘friendliest’ tradespeople

Those surveyed also were asked to identify the actions taken by tradespeople they appreciate the most.

From this, My Job Quote found that Brits are most grateful when tradespeople do not get annoyed when they kindly ask them for an update/progress check (84%).

On the other end, only 31% are worried about if a tradesperson adequately greets them or not.

The actions taken by tradespeople which Brits most appreciate

Carl Meredith, Managing Director of My Job Quote said: “When hiring a tradesperson, Brits want to feel reassured that they are trusting someone who gets the job done properly and efficiently.

“A crucial part of the service that really matters to Brits is the level of care and attention that a tradesperson will provide them.

“Brits want to deal with someone they can easily communicate and work with – friendliness is a vital characteristic when assessing and hiring a tradesperson.

“This research shows that Brits rank some tradespeople to be friendlier than others.

“The key takeaway for all tradespeople is that they should always aim to provide the highest quality of service to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.”

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