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Where do electricians rank in a survey of the most ‘unprofessional’ tradespeople?

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A survey of 1,644 Brits asked which trades were the most ‘unprofessional’ – and which things tradespeople do put them off the most.’s survey took into account quality of work, price/rates charged, manners, punctuality and communication skills of tradespeople. Here’s how the different trades were ranked:

The most ‘unprofessional’ tradespeople

Those surveyed were also asked to identify what things tradespeople do makes them seem the most unprofessional.

Showerstoyou found that a tradesperson not turning up when arranged/agreed (81%) is the most unprofessional thing they could do.

Just below, 76% do not appreciate being overcharged, wihile 73% take issue with poor workmanship.

The most ‘unprofessional’ actions by tradespeople

Martin, the Managing Director of said: “For many, the home is one of the most important aspects of their life.

“So naturally it takes a lot of faith for them to allow tradespeople to come into their living environment and carry out desired improvements/changes.

“This research shows that Brits are very perceptive of the way tradespeople hold themselves as well as their work ethic.

“Consequently, it’s very important for a tradesperson to maintain professionalism at all times and deliver the highest possible level of customer service.”

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