20 questions with thomas nagy

20 Questions with Thomas Nagy

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Thomas Nagy is an electrician and YouTuber, with over 50,000 subscribers and 3.5 million views of his many tutorials, reviews and tips. We caught up with him to find out what he’s loving right now.

Favourite film of all time? 

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – it’s a masterpiece!

Best Instagram account to follow? 

I’m not a huge Instagram user, so I’m unable to pass comment.

Most famous person you’ve met? 

I can’t say! I was working at his home all day and he had a day off from acting. I didn’t realise who it was until I got home.

Favourite thing to install? 

When you can push out numerous jobs smoothly, that’s very satisfying. It’s more about the process than the job itself.

Hardest job you’ve ever done? 

The toughest jobs mentally are in houses where you wipe your shoes on the way out.

Best tip you’ve ever been given? 

When a client said, ‘your work is great, but your communication is rubbish.’ My communication is a work in progress.

Last song you listened to? 

Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad

Go-to takeaway dish? 

Chinese crispy beef, fried rice and a side of chicken balls.

Favourite emoji? 

That half-head-tilted-sticky-out-tongue emoji!

Favourite holiday destination? 

Anywhere cold. I went to Norway last year, that was fab!

Best way to relax? 

I work for myself, what is this you talk about?! When I do get free time, I spend it rebuilding my Ducati 999.

Last series you watched? 

The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes is an absolute boss.

Favourite tool in your toolbox? 

My side cutters. Without those, everything stops – literally!

Tea or coffee? 

Don’t you watch my channel?!

Travel by train or car? 

In London, train. Everywhere else, car.

Most common job? 

Maintenance – replacing light fittings, lamps, electronic locks etc.

What inspires you? 

Inspiring the younger generation. Too many people moan that the industry isn’t changing but do nothing about it.

Late nights or early mornings? 

Early mornings every time. I’m in bed by 11!

Dogs or cats? 

I always liked Dobermans, but where I live that isn’t really a possibility.

Best app on your phone? 

WhatsApp. I use it for everyone.

You can watch Thomas Nagy on YouTube here.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2019 issue of SPARKS Magazine.

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