Wireless LED light system delivers ‘up to 95%’ energy savings

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LED Eco Lights claims its new wireless control system delivers up to 95% energy savings.


The manufacturer’s new Light Boss system is triggered by occupancy or daylight. This means it delivers the correct amount of light only when and where it’s needed.


Setting or adjusting the lighting doesn’t require any wiring changes. And luminaires can be reconfigured at the touch of a button.


Saima Shafi, Sales and Marketing Director at LED Eco Lights, said: “Automated lighting networks can radically reduce energy consumption without affecting lighting performance.


“Light Boss makes it easy to design, optimise and extend a lighting network. Typical savings, when combined with Goodlight LED luminaires, are between 60-95%, depending on its application.


“Applications range from commercial to industrial, education to healthcare and even hospitality.”


‘Major advance’


An extensive status monitoring dashboard provides on-demand reports of the ‘health’ of LED sources and drivers, highlighting any critical failure points that need attention. Light Boss also provides automation of routine emergency light testing and maintenance requirements, for example with self-test features for emergency lighting.


Reporting on the energy consumption of all connected lighting fixtures allows analysis and measurement of a single site, or all the sites being managed. This makes the Light Boss ideal for reviewing the energy performance of multi-site portfolios. Energy and facility managers can log in to review data from any site location as little or as often as needed.


“A major advance of this integrated solution is that it can be applied to new builds, retrofits, old and new lighting,” added Saima Shafi. “Light Boss modules are connected during the LED lighting upgrade, saving the time and costs of an additional lighting control installation.”

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