Reach customers with ease through PropertyHeads

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PropertyHeads has opened its doors to its property search engine platform to introduce professional trades to home buyers and renters across the UK.

Over 7,000 tradespeople have already signed up to the PropertyHeads, a positive platform to help trades such as plumbers to link with other businesses, such as estate agents, who are often looking for local plumbers.

The website, which includes a fully integrated social network, claims to help tradespeople win more work through recommendations.

The estate agents can refer the trades to clients, and then those customers can add referrals within their network.

The platform enables a link between estate agents and landlords as well as homeowners and renters to source local trades, share with friends and introduce recommended trades they have utilised in their local area.

PropertyHeads has no joining costs, fees or subscriptions.

The website allows you to promote your company within a profile, along with contact details and your own website – showcasing your services is simple.

Click here to join.

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