Megger DCM1500S ideal for work on solar PV systems

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Capable of measuring AC voltage up to 1,000 V and DC voltage up to 2,000 V, the new DCM1500S multifunction clamp meter from Megger is supplied complete with an MC4PV plug for direct voltage measurement from solar panels, as well as standard test leads. These features, together with the ability to measure AC or DC current up to 1,500 A, make the DCM1500S an ideal choice for electricians who work on solar PV systems.


The compact handheld instrument also provides a wide range of other useful functions which, together with its capacity for storing up to 4,000 test results, make it a convenient and versatile aid for testing on low-voltage installations of all kinds.


Stored results are downloaded via a wireless Bluetooth® connection which can also be used to stream measured values in real time to a smartphone or tablet running Megger Link. This new app is available free for iOS and Android devices. Once stored results have been transferred to the tablet or smartphone, they can easily be exported for use in spreadsheets and reports.


Designed from the outset for safe operation even when working with the high voltages often found in PV systems, the DCM1500S fully meets the requirements of IEC 61010 for CAT III 1,000 V and CAT IV 600 V applications.


“Solar PV installations are now very common and many electricians will find themselves working on them sooner or later,” said Peter Wade of Megger. “For this reason, we have produced a test instrument that helps them to carry out measurements on these systems safely and conveniently. However, we’ve also made it versatile enough to cover their testing requirements even when they’re not working on PV systems, which makes it an attractive investment for any electrician looking to upgrade their test equipment.”


In addition to voltage and current, Megger DCM1500S multifunction clamp meters can be used to measure resistance up to 600 kΩ, capacitance up to 1,000 µF, frequency and temperature. They have minimum, maximum, smart hold and inrush capture functions and, for additional versatility and user convenience, they incorporate a non-contact voltage sensor and a torch that lights automatically when the clamp jaws are opened.

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