Level 3 Power Supply and Distribution Cabling qualification now available from EAL

Level 3 Power Supply and Distribution Cabling qualification now available from EAL

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EAL is launching a new NVQ Level 3 certificate for Cabling and Jointing, following work by JIB to develop recognised qualification routes in the sector.


The EAL L3 Certificate in Power Supply and Distribution Cabling is an occupational qualification for learners who work in the electrotechnical industry carrying out either power supply distribution cabling or cable jointing and require a formal qualification to facilitate progression to becoming industry recognised in their role.


The content was created from working with cabling and jointing contractors, the ECA, Unite the Union, the Joint Industry Board (JIB) and the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) through the JIB Cabling and Jointing Committee.


This new qualification is available from September 2020 and the JIB will continue this work to help training providers and colleges deliver this qualification route.


John O’Sullivan, Managing Director of TA Ronan Cabling and Jointing and Chair of the JIB Cabling and Jointing Committee, said: “This is really good news for companies and individuals alike who are carrying out cable installations or cable jointing. Gaining industry recognition in their occupation was a goal the Cabling and Jointing Committee set itself, and the achievement of that goal gives companies and individuals the chance to validate their competencies and recognise the skilled nature of their work.


“It also gives newcomers to our sector of the industry a clear and defined career and learning pathway. The qualification provides a flexible approach for learners to gather evidence of their safe working from carrying out their occupational role.”


Richard Clarke, National Apprenticeship Officer at Unite the Union, said: “Unite look forward to working further with the JIB Cabling and Jointing Committee on the development of specialist advanced apprenticeships in both cabling and jointing occupational disciplines, giving young people an opportunity to develop a career in this vitally important part of the wider UK electrical contracting, infrastructure and engineering construction.”

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