LEDVANCE Downlight Comfort luminaires

LEDVANCE unveils new Downlight Comfort luminaires

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LEDVANCE has unveiled its new low glare, three-in-one LEDVANCE Downlight Comfort luminaires, designed to offer energy efficient, easy-to-fit lighting for offices, foyers, workshops, corridors and stairwells.

They are now available from wholesalers ready for the new lighting season.

Downlights for high-quality basic illumination

Featuring an integrated driver, the new LEDVANCE Downlight Comfort luminaires are the perfect drop-in replacement for compact fluorescent and other older and less efficient lighting technologies.

Key features are very high efficiency and a quick-connect terminal for a fast and tool-free installation. The desired light colour of 3000, 4000 or 5700 K (warm, cool or daylight white) can be selected by means of a small slide switch on the rear. That’s good news for wholesalers and maintenance departments as they only have to keep one type of downlight in stock to cover three different requirements.

IP54 Protection means that the Downlight Comfort can also be used in covered outdoor areas. Luminous efficiency for all colours is 85lm/W.

LED retrofits – perfect replacements for conventional lamps

LEDVANCE offers numerous, excellent options for existing luminaires. The new AR111 reflector lamps and the PAR16 and MR16 lamps in high and low-voltage versions have excellent colour rendering (CRI 97), making them perfect replacements for halogen lamps. The same applies to the LED lamps in Classic A, Classic B and Classic P designs (CRI 95). With the exception of AR111, all the lamp bulbs are made of glass.

All above-mentioned luminaires and lamps from LEDVANCE will be listed in the Relux and Dialux planning software by the time of the market launch for the new lighting season.

LEDVANCE is now exclusively using the LEDVANCE brand at product level for lighting professionals via wholesalers. The brand name of OSRAM will continue to be used for the LED lamps, however.

You can find more information on the products at

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