LEDVANCE launches new TruSys trunking systems

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LEDVANCE has expanded its portfolio of TruSys trunking systems.


The new TruSys Performance luminaires offer a high system efficacy and life span – as well as quick and easy installation and a good price-performance ratio.


LEDVANCE is launching the TruSys PFM On/Off and the TruSys PFM DALI in September 2019. The TruSys PFM EM, the emergency lighting version, will follow in December 2019.


All of the new luminaires generate up to 11,200 lumens with a colour temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. Additionally, they have a very high system efficacy of up to 160 lumen per watt and an above average lifespan L80/B10 with up to 60,000 hours.


The TruSys Performance DALI model is dimmable and offers the possibility to add connectivity and intelligence to the luminaires. They can be extended with external presence and daylight sensors, enabling daylight and occupancy-dependent operation.


This version is compatible with a central battery system for emergency lighting.


The TruSys Performance EM provides an emergency lighting option for self-contained operation. It is applicable as single luminaire solution designed for three hours of operating time in the event of a power failure.

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