Ideal Industries developing safe isolation kit

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Ideal Industries is developing a safe isolation kit for students and apprentices. The manufacturer wants to help young electricians make safe isolations an everyday thing right at the start of their careers.


According to the latest statistics from Electrical Safety First, there are 379 injuries/fatalities per year in England from electrical distribution.


Despite this, only one in five electricians carries a safe isolation lockout kit to ensure the isolated distribution network is not accidentally switched to live while they are still working.



“All electrical professionals take safety very seriously,” said Ideal Industries’ general manager, Brett Smyth, “but on a busy site it’s easy for isolated sections of the network to be reconnected in error unless they are locked out, which could leave an electrician or others on-site exposed to live current.


“It’s important for every professional to do everything they can to make isolations safer and it’s easy to achieve with safe isolation locks and labelling.”


‘Best practice’


While there is HSE guidance in place to drive safe isolation best practice, there is no mandatory requirement to lockout an isolation to prevent accidents from contact with a supply that has inadvertently been switched back to live. Ideal Industries believes that locking out and tagging isolations should become standard safety practice and has highlighted the potential for the next generation of electrical professionals to drive this change.


“We want to help all electrical trainees and apprentices get into the habit of carrying a safe isolation kit and using it whenever they do an isolation. In this way, they can make the site safer for themselves and others,” said Mr Smyth.


“That’s why we’re working with colleges to provide isolation kits and developing a Student Safe Isolation Kit available at a reduced price exclusively for electrical trainees and apprentices.”


For more information on Ideal Industries’ Safe Isolation Kits visit or call 01925 444446.

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