Hager launches electrical contractor insight team

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Professional electricians are collaborating with Hager on new product development following the launch of the Hager Insight Team.


They also get the opportunity to be the first to try the latest Hager products.


Members of the Hager Insight Team were carefully selected following a detailed recruitment process. They will worth the product development team, attend R&D meetings, participate in online surveys and trial new products.


From Hager’s perspective, it gets valuable opinion, on-the-job insight, recommendations and product feedback as it develops its future products and services.


Ian Smith, Marketing and Support Services Manager for Hager, said: “Hager has always recognised the importance of working closely with contractors so that our products and services continue to exceed the needs of the industry.


‘Collaborative approach’


“The #HagerGang community has proven highly beneficial in this way, but the creation of the Hager Insight Team takes our collaborative approach to a new level.


“By working closely with the industry, Hager delivers the range of products and services that professional electricians continue to seek out.


“It allows us to make even stronger relationships with contractors and benefit from their years of on-the-job experience. We are excited about the partnership we are developing thanks to the new insight team, and look forward to utilising the important views of contractors as part of our future product development planning.”


For more information about the Hager Insight Team, or to register your interest to become a team member visit


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