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FEIN celebrates 30 years of the pneumatic pipe saw

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FEIN Power Tools UK has revealed how their pneumatic pipe saw has reached its 30th birthday – without major alteration or upgrade.

Following a cordless evolution, FEIN Power Tools UK now offers a large range of cordless tools to the industrial sector.

But one of its best-selling machines to this day remains a pneumatic pipe saw. The pipe saw remains relatively unchanged from the initial model sold some 30 years ago, with only the air motor receiving minor adjustments during the last generation of machine.

Paul Kitchin, National Applications Manager for FEIN UK, reveals how the pneumatic still holds its own in the market.

He said: “The saw has multiple purposes. First and foremost, as you might expect, it is great for sawing pipes. With the right clamp and extension, it cuts pipes with a diameter of up to 440mm. Another clamp allows for angled and straight cuts into lesser thicknesses, and the use of the girder clamp enables the user to cut into steel girders.

“We are seeing the most use within utility companies for pipe maintenance, generalist work on piping in sub-terrain areas, and even for workers who are on-site de-commissioning nuclear power centres.

“Due to stringent Health and Safety regulations, many of the guys coming to us for help need a pneumatic solution, over an electrical power or petrol powered one, and a solution they can trust. They need a machine of good enough quality and grunt to be worked hard and without pause and that is precisely what the FEIN pneumatic pipe saw is made to do.

“The level of trust for this machine is so high, that we have a network of hire companies that batch buy and hire out the machines regularly, and call on us to directly support and give guidance when needed on-site.

“Whilst the electric tools have evolved with brushless motor technology and protective measures for the components, the saw is a bit more ‘exposed’, needing some TLC for it to remain in good working order.

“We strongly advise that the saw, and in fact pneumatic tools of similar kinds, be taken care of and maintained. Owners should use dry air filters and moisture traps to ensure a film of oil is retained around the motor and innards of the machines.

“In humid/fluctuating weather, and also within work vans themselves, we notice over time that machines can rust and wear out without this basic maintenance.”

FEIN UK is a specialist in industrial products, with staff in the field available to support you on-site with your application issues. If you think the saw might help, or need advice on a particular problem that might be solved by tried and trusted tools, feel free to get in touch with the team on 01372 308730 or email Dan on

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