Does having electrician in your Tinder bio increase your chances of a match?

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Ever wondered which trade job is likely to get you the most amount of matches on Tinder? Us neither, but when you discover that someone’s done the research, you kind of want to know the results, right?


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, decided to find out whether having a tradesperson job in your title would increase your chances of a right swipe. They also wondered which trade would be the most attractive to the opposite.


They did this by creating male Tinder profiles, keeping the name, picture and age the same on each but changing the bio each time to a different trade. Each profile was left online for two days and swiped right to 200 people. didn’t create any female profiles, which is disappointing. Women can be tradespeople too, guys.


On to the results. The study found that on average, male profiles without a trade job in the bio received 60 matches over two days. But those including a trade job in the bio got an average of 80.6 matches.


Electricians scored an average of 98 matches, well above the average and beaten only by builders (111 matches), plumbers (101) and gardeners (99). Tilers and fireplace installers, for some reason, scored well below the average.


Full results below.



Header image by Freepik.

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