Coronavirus: What is happening to electrical apprenticeships?

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The Coronavirus pandemic means these are strange times we’re living in. Trust us, we’re feeling it too. There’s no college, most of us are stuck at home and you’ll no doubt be wondering what’s happening with your apprenticeship.


There’s a few things you need to know, but the government and training providers want apprentices to be able to finish their apprenticeship despite any disruption caused by coronavirus.


If you’re feeling blue about all of this, take comfort from the fact you, the UK’s apprentices, will be playing a big part in helping the country get back on its feet when everything gets back to normal.


We’ve read the latest official advice and this is what you need to know.




If you are self-isolating, you should:


Working from home


If your employer is telling you to work from home and your college is shut, these are your options:


Unpaid leave


You may be unable to work but haven’t been made redundant. You should:




If you are being laid off by your employer, you need to:


Face-to-face assessments


Some assessments require a face-to-face meeting, but training providers realise that may not be possible for many.


There’s more information at Training providers such as City & Guilds and JTL also have Coronavirus updates on their websites. There are updates on how Coronavirus is affecting the electrical industry over on our live updates story.

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