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A fifth of the population don’t know how to turn off live services in an emergency

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A survey has found that a worrying number of UK homeowners don’t know how to turn off the electricity or other essentials inside their homes.


In a bid to educate homeowners and renters about how to turn off these services – which could avoid costing thousands of pounds worth of damage and potentially putting their lives in danger – MyBuilder surveyed 2,000 people.


MyBuilder has created an advice page on its website to help them learn how to quickly shut off these services.


The key results


Not knowing how to locate these vital safety features can have potentially lethal consequences, as well as being costly to repair devastating water or fire damage.


Carl Goulding from MyBuilder said: “It’s vital that all homeowners and tenants know how to turn off their live services.


“You never know when you might have to – and not being able to act quickly in the event of an emergency can have devastating consequences.


“We want to make sure that every homeowner or tenant has the basic knowledge so that if something does go wrong, they know what to do fast.”


Other interesting findings

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