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Super Rod launches pocket sized hero for installers

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Super Rod has launched an innovative new pry tool for trade professionals to give easy access to fuse carriers and ensure safer electrical isolation while working on appliances.

The Super Rod Pry is a patented tool which has an angled pry tip that can easily access and remove fuses from fused spur carriers located in hard to reach locations, such as close to a worktop, cupboard or appliance.

In these situations, installers would normally reach for a standard flat blade screwdriver to release the fuse, however this often results in the fuse carrier being damaged and the replacement of the whole fused spur socket, adding unnecessary time and cost onto the job.

The Super Rod Pry makes these issues a thing of the past: simply insert the Pry tip into the fuse carrier, apply pressure to release the fuse carrier, then remove the fuse and retain it within the fuse clips on the underside of the tool.

If needed, the tool can also be used to lock off the fuse carrier. By removing the fuse and locking off the fuse carrier, the likelihood of the power being accidentally reconnected is almost zero, making the Super Rod Pry a useful way of ensuring safer isolation.

super rod pry tool baxi

The inventor, gas technical engineer David Beech, said: “I have worked in the heating industry for over 15 years and almost every day, I come across damaged fuse carriers or installations where it’s difficult to remove a fuse for safe isolation or to inspect the rating.

“I knew there must be a better way of doing this simple task, so I developed a prototype tool and have worked with Super Rod to bring it to market.”

The Super Rod Pry is made from a high strength, durable polymer material which has excellent insulation properties as well as longevity. To ensure electrical professionals keep it close at hand while they work, the Pry also has a key ring hoop so it can be easily added to a key chain.

Malcolm Duncan, managing director at Super Rod, said: “The Super Rod Pry is a handy and inexpensive tool which will be a pocket-sized hero for any number of different trades that regularly work on fuse carriers, enabling them to work smarter and safer.

“We’ve already had feedback to say that the Pry is the ‘greatest simple invention ever’ which goes to show that innovation doesn’t have to be expensive technology, just a better, safer way of doing the things we do every day.”

Boiler manufacturer Baxi has announced that all of its heating engineers have been issued with the tool.

The Super Rod Pry is now available from CEF branches across the UK.

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