Schneider Electric has launched three new smart home energy solutions under the Wiser brand.

Schneider Electric launches range of new Wiser smart home energy solutions

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Schneider Electric has launched three new smart home energy solutions under the Wiser brand.


The new products – Power Tag, Acti9 Active and the efficient room-by-room Temperature Control system – can be easily and inexpensively fitted into existing homes and controlled via a single app.


Residential housing is set to become the biggest consumer of electricity globally. EV charging, the electrification of heat, and increased occupancy as more people work from home will see consumers’ electricity consumption dramatically increase over the next ten years.


Smart efficient energy management will be more important than ever to ensure homes are sustainably powered and intelligent enough to optimise their own energy needs, without compromising on comfort.


Smart homes just got sustainable


The new additions to the Wiser range of smart home products are a step forward in Schneider Electric’s plans to create energy-efficient, personalised homes.


The new products promise to increase safety, while giving consumers more insights on their energy usage and their impact in CO2 emissions.


Thanks to AI and Machine Learning based predictions, consumers have the potential to reduce energy consumption and electrical heating costs by up to 50%, as well as predict solar production trends.


Be smarter with power 


The new Power Tag (from £44) is a ‘plug and play’ sensor for electric panels, designed to retrofit older properties affordably. Alongside the Wiser range, it enables homeowners to track energy consumption room by room and crucially, it shows how this energy is being used, not just how much is consumed.

Power Tag

Occupants can set monthly energy consumption targets, receiving an alert if the Wiser system predicts that target will be exceeded, enabling people to reduce usage and avoid bill-shock.


A future product feature will add an extra level of analytics provided by the sensor, which will also help homeowners monitor their consumption in terms of CO2 emissions to better understand their carbon footprint. It will advise electric vehicle owners when the best time to charge their car may be, for example, when the tariff is lowest or excess solar power is available.


Consumers with solar panels can also maximise their use by monitoring their own solar energy production levels. Solar users can maximise their use of renewable energy and ensure their panels are working effectively, improving their carbon footprint even further.

Schneider Electric has launched three new smart home energy solutions under the Wiser brand.
Acti9 Active

The second innovation is the Acti9 Active (£53 – £71), bringing improved safety and power reliability into homes. The Acti9 Active will notify when faults such as overloading or corrosion or detected, allowing the user to fix any issues before they become major problems. This form of active prevention brings much-needed peace of mind to homeowners.


The third release is the efficient Temperature Control system (kits from £139.99 – £219.99) which controls room temperature accurately, helping reduce energy bills by up to 50% without compromising on comfort.


Its room-by-room control feature allows the user to manage their heating systems more efficiently by accurately estimating the heating characteristics per room, rather than for the whole home. A second feature that will soon be added is ‘open window detection’, which will pause heating and send a notification to the user.

Schneider Electric has launched three new smart home energy solutions under the Wiser brand.
Temperature Valve


Manish Pant, CEO & EVP Home & Distribution says: “Our homes’ carbon footprint is growing. Demand for electricity is set to double over the coming decades. Creating sustainable homes will be crucial to reducing global warming and achieving a net-zero future.


“Our new Wiser range of smart energy saving products are a significant step forward on the path to sustainability because they give consumers an unprecedented level of information and control over their home energy use.


“By helping people better understand where their energy is consumed, the impact it has on the planet and enabling them to reduce use without compromising their lifestyles, moves us closer to sustainable homes.”


Products will be available later this year (Q4) or early next year (Q1).

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