Revealed: the best paid electricians around the world

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An infographic from online wholesaler, ElectricalDirect, has revealed that British electricians earn the highest average salary among our country’s tradesmen at £30,500, with scaffolders (£30,136) and plumbers (£28,153) completing the top three.

This salary fluctuates depending on what area of the UK you operate in – London comes in just above the average at £36,028.

On a global scale, there has never been a better time to be an electrician. The construction industry worldwide is undergoing significant growth, and by 2025 is set to have grown by 70% with the largest growth being in China, India and the US.

The study focused on five countries across the globe and found that Japanese electricians earn £19,000 more than their British counterparts, and those in the USA bring in an additional £10,981.

Australia offers a higher salary with the average electrician’s income of $81,536 (£48,631) and Sydney and Canberra amongst the top earning cities.

The USA offers an average income of $52,910 (£41,481). If you are a sun seeker, head to Hawaii and earn an average wage of $68,430 (£53,649). If the snow of Alaska is more appealing, good news: you can bring in slightly more at $72,030 (£56,471).

Back in Europe, a German electrician can enjoy an average salary of €48,652 (£42,782). Again, this varies depending on where you go, with Frankfurt offering the highest at €53,513 (£47,057). Surprisingly, at €42,000 (£36,933), Berlin offers the lowest salary which is below the national average. However, if you’re German speaking then a move may still worth considering as earning potential is still higher than the British average.

Japan is another a viable option. The average salary for an electrician is the highest in the study at ¥7,073,175 (£49,992), and can increase depending on location.

Obviously, it is worth taking into account the cost of living in these countries and cities before handing in your notice! However, if you are looking for a life change there are plenty of options available.

Back in Britain, for those considering a career as an electrician, they can secure a key qualification by studying one of these courses:

A Level 3 NVQ diploma in Electrotechnical Services (Electrical Maintenance), or

Level 3 NVQ diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment (Buildings, Structure and the Environment), or

Level 3 diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) if part of an apprenticeship.

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