Tessa Ogle, Managing Director of the Electrical Industries Charity, highlights how the support from the industry could dramatically change the lives of people in our sector and outlines the importance of powerLottery.

Currently, in the UK there are 1.3 million individuals who are working or have worked in electrical and energy related sectors. Many of these people are faced with challenging situations in their lives and are in need of a helping hand to overcome those life challenges, whether this is caring for a loved one or dealing with daily financial struggles.

To help our industry colleagues in their time of need, the Electrical Industries Charity has launched many services where the industry can get involved and change the lives of people in our sector. The Charity supports our industry colleagues through the Employee Assistance Programme of which the Employee and Family Support, Apprentice Support, Pensioner Support and Practical Participation Programmes are part of.

Through its support network, the Charity so far has helped many people in our industry over the past year. One recent example includes Max Parker. Max is a severely disabled six-year-old boy who shortly after his first birthday was diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia and Chronic Lung Disease, which left him wheelchair-bound and unable to do anything himself. The Charity worked together with industry partners and helped the family with house adaptations and landscaped their garden to meet Max’s needs.

Another great example is the Hendrie family. The Electrical Industries Charity launched its very first Challenge for a Cause campaign in 2016 and helped the Hendrie family to rebuild their lives after the sad loss of a loving husband and a father of three. The Charity, together with its team of trekkers, climbed the tallest free-standing mountain in the world – Mount Kilimanjaro – and raised £83,000 for the Hendrie family.

Currently, the Charity is set for another extraordinary fundraising goal that aims to raise £250,000 with its second Challenge for a Cause and Raise the Roof campaign which will allow the Charity to purchase a family home for the Dickinson family and help Caz Dickinson with her development. The Charity has so far raised £35,863 of their £250,000 goal and is in need of your support to help them reach their target which will help to reshape the family’s future.

You can be part of this life-changing challenge by joining the Charity and its enthusiastic participants on the Arctic Adventure where you will experience cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and husky-sledding while helping the Charity to reach its fundraising target. This once in a lifetime experience is taking place in Finland between 8-12 March 2018.

Or you can help the Charity to Raise the Roof for the Dickinson family by donating only £25 to the Charity which will allow them to buy a personalised brick for this outstanding project which will go towards building a house for Caz and her family.

Or why not test your luck at the Charity’s very own powerLottery and be in with a chance to win prizes of up to £1,000 for as little as £1 a month. You can choose to purchase between one and ten numbers each month to increase your chances of winning. If you decide to buy your ticket before the end of November, you can be in with a chance to win the jackpot of £5,000.

powerLottery is a fun way to support the Charity as the lottery draws provide the Charity with 30% of its annual income which is directly handed out in financial grants to the industry through the Charity’s Employee Assistance Programme.

There are many different ways for you to get involved and help your colleagues in need. Why not join the Charity on this life changing journey by showing your support and do something incredible in 2018?