SPARKS Magazine runs seven annual regional events across the UK, where manufacturers are given the opportunity to present their products to college lecturers. These run alongside the SPARKS UK Electrical Apprentice of the Year competition in January and February.

For manufacturers this is a unique chance to engage with electrical lecturers, the brand ambassadors in the colleges. These events are used to run focus groups, product demonstrations or technical presentations.

For lecturers this is where you can find out about the latest products and services on the market, whilst at the same time gaining free CPD hours.

Keep checking this page to find out when and where the 2018 Meet the Lecturer Series will take place.

If you are a lecturer who is interested in attending one of the regional SPARKS Meet the Lecturer Industry Days, book your free place now and let us know which region you would like to attend!

Any companies who are interested in sponsoring the 2018 events and would like to offer a product demonstration or provide a presentation please get in touch here.