KNIPEX Circlip Plier range covers all angles

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In the tightest of spaces and at the trickiest of angles, get to grips with circlips by using the quality Circlip Pliers from KNIPEX.

The pliers come with both straight tips or angled tips (at 45° or 90°) which allow for greater visibility and mean circlips can be reached even in tight and typically awkward places. The KNIPEX ‘44’ and ‘46’ numbered tools are the Standard versions for internal work in boreholes and external work on shafts respectively while the Precision versions are numbered ‘48’ and ‘49’. All come with PVC dipped handles for comfort and extra grip.

Precision versions have a number of fantastic extra features. The sturdy inserted tips made from high-density spring steel in the 49 Precision Circlip Pliers give up to a 10 times longer service life compared to turned tips. The large contact faces make for easy circlip fitting while a bolted joint (holding a hidden spring with the versions for use on external circlips) means precise operation and zero backlash when the pliers are in use.

Every tool in the KNIPEX Circlip Plier range is forged from chrome vanadium steel and is oil hardened so whichever version you choose, you can be certain of a high quality, long lasting and easy-to-use tool.

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