FEIN celebrates 30 years serving British tradespeople

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FEIN is celebrating reaching 30 years in business in the UK – and have revealed how they managed to achieve success.

The family-owned business was first set up in Germany in 1876 by Wilhelm Emil Fein, when Wilhelm’s son invented the world’s very first electric hand drill.

They now have over 50 offices around the world, including in the UK, USA, and France.

Marketing manager Dan Wood said: “Here at FEIN, we’ve always been about innovation, and are committed to providing the best, most powerful, durable and outstanding tools possible. We always strive to offer something unique, providing solutions for the end user that are reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. As specialist manufacturers, we are proud to say that we are leading the market in powerful Multi-tools that satisfy a number of purposes.”

FEIN’s products include drills, fasteners, grinders, saws and cutters, sheet metal and surface processing solutions, and oscillating multi-tools.

One of its most recent innovations was the Starlock mounting system for oscillating which was launched in 2016. The Starlock mounting system is the result of a joint development between FEIN and Bosch.

The technology renders a range of different oscillators capable of delivering various applications using accessories for accurately and efficiently sawing, sanding, cutting, filing, scraping off material, cleaning, polishing, to power cutting, helping end-users cut down on time, labour and costs.

The patented mounting system boasts high power and low vibration, and due to its unique star shaped grip, it allows for multiple places with which to grip the accessory. Not just that, but the recessed, three-dimensional mount has been shown time and time again to enable a staggering 45% increase in work speed.

FEIN product developers have been known to test drills to deliver up to one million screws to ensure it is ‘defect-free’ before allowing the product to hit the market.

Now, FEIN is shifting its focus to providing more cordless applications after producing the world’s most versatile cordless magnetic core drill.

This year, FEIN has also unveiled their cordless grinders, hammer drills and much more.

Dan added: “There is plenty in the pipeline that we’re excited about, including the new cordless angle and die grinders, polishers, multi-tools, mag drills, and much more.

“There was high demand across multiple industries for labourers to get their hands on our wide range of products but on one system, and as such, we’ve invested time in being able to offer a wider range of tools on one improved battery system. Naturally, we have seen a great response from the FEIN community who have traded in corded models, for the new and improved cordless versions of the SuperCut and MultiMaster, but now we are witnessing demonstration requests nationwide for the cordless drills, mag drills and grinders.”

FEIN UK’s new managing director, Raphael Rudolph, said: “It’s an exciting time for our community who can now expect the same power they would find in corded FEIN machines. We at FEIN UK will now be working hard to approach more British end-users than ever before. We will continue to hire more local British workers and we will also continue to improve and invest in our facilities to ensure our service is as great as it can be for all of our customers.

“For over 30 years FEIN has served and been committed to serving British end-users, providing its 150 years of power tool experience to enable tradespeople and metal specialists. We are committed to offering that legacy to future generations in Britain, for another 30 years, and many more thereafter.”

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