Help is on the way for electrical contracting businesses around the UK with the launch of innovative tech trades services company, Trade Chimp.

The emergence of Hull-based Trade Chimp ( will bring much-needed operational and administrative support to tradespeople and small trades businesses, including electrical contractors and electricians, with up to 10 staff.

Simple to use, the Trade Chimp user-friendly job management software package can be downloaded as an app on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, and is accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

Entrepreneur and Trade Chimp managing director Sam Overment, a former electrical contractor himself, said: “Trade Chimp is all about helping tradespeople across the country to fully develop the potential of their businesses.

“Having run my own electrical contracting business, I know first-hand how much time and energy can go into quoting for work, sourcing suppliers and parts and tools, let alone completing the work.”

The bespoke software and user-friendly app, designed by Arc Studios at Hull’s digital centre, C4DI, will reduce a company’s dependence on paper time sheets, diaries, and spreadsheets, and help deal with payroll and invoices.

Equally importantly, Trade Chimp aims to empower tradespeople with access to the massive wealth of data about their suppliers, jobs, and customers through an easy-to-read monthly Business Intelligence report.

Mr Overment said: “The monthly Business Intelligence reports will show quite clearly where profits are coming from, which workers are the most valuable to the business, and what type of jobs aren’t working.”

Trade Chimp is particularly suitable for businesses that pay their staff or contractors based on the time they have worked, usually by an hourly rate or fixed salary, although it can also work if businesses pay staff or contractors by fixed prices for agreed pieces of work.

Users can log in whenever they want, and once information has been transferred from timesheets into the Trade Chimp system, or the Trade Chimp app shared with employees or contractors, timesheets can be added directly into the system.

Trade Chimp will then summarise all the information needed to raise an invoice, such as materials used, hours spent on the job, and any supplier invoices – all presented as an easy, printable PDF report.

Trade Chimp functions alongside any existing accounting software, or there is a Trade Chimp ‘Excel All Data’ function to provide accounting data.

Mr. Overment, who lives in Holderness, East Yorkshire, previously ran Overment Electrical Contractors and Connect Electrical Contractors and is a fully qualified electrician.