Issue Twenty –

Flat – smooth file

Half-round – smooth file

Round or Rat-Tail file

Issue Nineteen – Li-Fi is an exciting lighting technology which provides a way of transmitting data – including the internet – to devices using visible light from LEDs pulsed at high frequency.

Issue Eighteen – Pliers.

Issue Seventeen – A connector.

Issue Sixteen – Saddle.

Issue Fifteen – Higher than the line and neutral conductors.

Issue Fourteen – The answer is 32 tpi.

Issue Thirteen – 

  1. Continuity of protective conductors including main and supplementary bonding
  2. Continuity of ring final circuit conductors
  3. Insulation resistance

Issue Twelve – A flash point is the minimum temperature at which a material gives off sufficient vapour to form an explosive atmosphere.

Issue Eleven – The space factor is the ratio of the space occupied by all the cables in a conduit or trunking to the whole space enclosed by the conduit or trunking.



Issue Twenty – That is Stephenson College.

Issue Nineteen – That is Blackburn College.

Issue Eighteen – That is Chris Corken, Head of Department for Science, Engineering and Construction at Belfast Metropolitan College.

Issue Seventeen – That was Bedford College.

Issue Sixteen – This lecturer is from Sussex Coast College.

Issue Fifteen – It was held at Stephenson College.

Issue Fourteen – This gent is from Farnborough College.

Issue Thirteen – That is West Herts College!

Issue Twelve – You can find that workshop at Bridgend College.

Issue Eleven – That is Petroc, where we held the South West regional heat of the SPARKS UK Electrical Apprentice of the Year.